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Road trip around the Western Cape | Best ideas from the locals

Road trip. Two words and so many images come to mind. Wide open spaces, long winding roads, surfboards, VW Beetles, hippies, friends… Whatever your dream road trip is, there is no doubt in our mind that it involves a car. Thankfully, you have come to the right place for that.

Rentacheapie specialises in affordable car rentals and, being surfers ourselves, we even have the option to rent roofracks with some of our cars. Having done our own road trips when younger (and when we get the time in our “old age”) we know that the main ingredients in the recipe for success are:

good friends

a final destination (this can be as vague as you’d like)

a main goal (for example, try and surf every decent spot between Cape Town and Jeffrey’s Bay)

an affordable, reliable car that will get us there. (And back again!)

And this is how we would love to help you see our fantastic countryside. Rentacheapie rents out cars at the best prices for folk just like you, and even better, we offer a sliding scale when it comes to price so that the longer you want your road trip to be, the cheaper our rate becomes. Now, if you are a tourist and lost for ideas, or simply just a newbie to the whole experience, here are some top tips as to where to stop from seasoned pros…

Assuming you are leaving from Cape Town and following the coastline, we would suggest:

Hermanus, for some whale watching in season – mid-July to end-October is best. The surf is best at nearby Onrus, and for the adventurous, head further up the coast (past Gansbaai) and wait til you find the decent point break.

Arniston, the quaint old town that refuses to become commercial – any time of year is good but summer is preferable. Enjoy the inability to go to the shops, the lack of huge shopping malls, and a must-see is the Arniston Hotel.

Vleesbaai, a secret surf spot known to very few, this one is for you surfers – look out for the rare east swell, and look even more out for touchy locals protective of their turf…

Buffels Bay, is another great surf spot, although one often visited as much by sharks as by humans! Who doesn’t want a little adventure on their road trip though?!

Nature’s Valley, a personal favourite, this one is literally at the bridge between the Eastern and Western Cape and therefore a fitting end to your travels – quiet, affordable, and unspoilt it really is a nature lovers paradise. The surf can get dangerous here, and don’t expect a lifeguard at any point in the year, so be sure to know what you are doing.

Well, it is one thing to explore out magnificent country; it is quite another doing so as a road trip. So get ready with your pintails, retro Instagram filters, and be prepared to feel like you are a student again. Enjoy!

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