Why Choose Us?

We are one of the most preferred cheap car hire options in the Western Cape. Our fleet of over 460 vehicles, ranging from our bread and butter cars, the Chico Golf, to the mighty 4x4 Toyota Landcruiser, are meticulously maintained. We love offering reliable, clean vehicles at excellent rates. Throw in friendship, integrity and passion for what we do, our work becomes a privilege mixed with pride. This is what our clients love and this is what we strive to offer. We have a large range of automatics for those who are not familiar with the manual or 'stick' shift. Our deal includes standard vehicle cover, *unlimited km's, 24/7 roadside assistance and all contract fees as well.

What do you need to rent a vehicle?

  1. Valid Driver’s Licence
  2. Passport or ID
  3. Deposit excess from R3900
  4. Rental payment upfront and drive your vehicle away
  5. We offer an airport shuttle if you’re flying in
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  1. We can collect you from the airport
  2. We charge R200 for this service per trip
  3. As we offer cheaper daily car rental rates you will make this money back
  4. At the end, we can transfer you back to the airport again
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Rent a Harley Davidson

  1. See Cape Town from a motorcycle
  2. Enjoy it in luxury on a Harley
  3. Choose between three unique Harleys
  4. Rest assured knowing you are supported by AA roadside assistance
  5. Enjoy the ride!

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Enjoying Cape Town

Why Choose to Visit Cape Town

Whether you are from Cape Town or planning on visiting Cape Town and the Western Cape, we have the right cars for you to see all the wonderful iconic places that Cape Town has to offer.

The City of Cape Town is unique in so many ways, the town over-shadowed by the grand Table Mountain offers miles of unspoilt beaches and plenty of adventure, a vibrant night life, famous Cape Town restaurants and wine farms, there is plenty for the whole family to see and to do in Cape Town.

Cape Town has been voted as one of the Top 10 beach cities in the world, Cape Town is also a favourite for all the Kite Boarders and Windsurfers around the globe. Every year thousands of adrenaline junkies head towards Cape Town and fill the Cape Town skies with their colourful kites and sails as they carve up the blue waters of the town.

Car rental in Cape Town is a breeze with us; we’re located just 5 minutes from the Cape Town city and just 15 minutes from the Cape Town International Airport. We strive to make visiting Cape Town and touring Cape Town as easy and as pleasant as possible.

Google Reviews | How we view and react to them at Rentacheapie

Google Reviews has taken the world by storm and here at Rentacheapie things are no different. In a modern democratic world, transparency is seen as a business virtue. Without doing a shred of work, our reviews are unsolicited, unedited, and straight from you: our customer. Of course, not everyone reviews us after their experience with Rentacheapie, but much like any...
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See South Africa | Some hints and tips from a local

See South Africa any time of the year; there is always something spectacular to explore. Rentacheapie is privileged to be located in one of the most magnificent countries in the world. Not only does our homeland offer unparalleled combinations of natural and cultural diversity, it is a land brimming with possibility and adventure. From the safari bushlands of the Kruger...
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Rent a car in Cape Town | And get some ideas of what to do

Rent a car in Cape Town with us for ultimate adventuring in the Mother City. Our great rates allow for you to spend your vacation cash on things you enjoy beyond the essentials like transport. As is evident from the regular local deals we share on our Facebook page, Rentacheapie is a huge fan of affordable fun! Cape Town is...
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Short term car rental | Our options for short rentals

Short term car rental in Cape Town is available under our Cheap Car Rental Rates. As is apparent on this page, you can rent a car through us for as short a period as 3 days. This will simply depend on the model that you are interested in hiring. The minimum rental period on our VW Chico Golf’s and our...
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Hyundai i10 manual | Rent this affordable car

Hyundai i10 manual is one of five Hyundai models in our stable of vehicles for you to choose from. We’re pleased to bring you a broad selection of cars and this affordable model is definitely one worth considering as it is the most fuel efficient vehicle from the Rentacheapie fleet. Not only does the Hyundai i10 manual have fuel efficiency...
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Rent a car without a credit card | Rentacheapie’s options

Rent a car without a credit card? Indeed. At Rentacheapie not only do we bring you affordable car hire, we strive to bring you affordable car hire and convenience. Everyone can agree that affordable is not really affordable when it means extra admin and that is why we delight in reducing complications for you. We offer you a number of...
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Honda Hybrid | Yes, Rentacheapie is going green!

The Honda Hybrid. We have finally done it – we have gone green. Our latest model to hit our shores (in terms of cars, not the model types you see in Camps Bay at night) is the Honda Jazz Hybrid, and we have the 2013 model for you to rent out. To get an industry expert opinion it’s probably better...
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