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Local Secrets | Learn some Cape Town secrets from the locals

Local secrets in a new city can be the difference between a great holiday and a phenomenal one. Crowded tourist hotspots can be frustrating and, let’s be honest, inauthentic. Overpriced tours surrounded by foreigners in a city you are visiting is not our idea of fun. These are some of the reasons why we at Rentacheapie celebrate Cape Town local secrets.

Our friends at Secret Cape Town can provide you with priceless CT local insights. Below are some of our favourites from this informative crew and we definitely recommend these for your adventuring in the Mother City:

Hiking routes up table mountain

Almost all tourists take the cable car up table mountain and for good reason: the views at the top are unparalleled. However, if you want to avoid the tourist mayhem while exploring this natural wonder we suggest you take the opportunity to work up an appetite for local delicacies with a hike. Capetonians enjoy a host of hikes on this magnificent mountain from the pipe track trail (starting at the lowest point on Tafelberg road) to Woodstock caves (offering you a great view of Woodstock and surrounds). Check out a list of the top five hikes here.

Chow (Eat) like a local

Cape Town has an endless list of places for you to munch but we are eager to ensure that visitors to our beautiful city experience the authentic South African culinary delights available. Cape Malay food is something that was birthed in the Western Cape and there are few places that can beat Biesmiellah’s Cape Malay menu in the eclectic Bo-Kaap district. We also agree with Secret Cape Town that having a braai on your visit to South Africa is a must. Experience a local version of what a visitor to our country may know as a barbecue at Mzoli’s in Gugulethu township.

Drive a Cape Town pass

Chapman’s peak pass – or Chappies as many a Capetonian would refer to it – is breathtaking (especially when your mode of transport is open air on a Harley!). We agree that it’s worth scheduling a trip along this pass in time to catch the sunset. Not only are sunsets an important part of life in Cape Town but Chappies has one of the hottest viewpoints around, the Lookout Cave (just below the designated viewing point).

Explore a secret beach

In the summer months visitors to the city definitely crowd the beaches. For this reason we recommend maximising the use of your rental car to seek out a secret beach. Amongst the surprisingly many options, a firm favourite is Water’s Edge between Seaforth and Boulder’s Beach in Simon’s Town. Not only does this give you what feels like a secluded beach experience and opportunities for snorkelling and diving but you may even spot some of the sought-after penguins.

This list is only scratching the surface and it’s evident that we are spoilt for choice in this glorious city. We want to share as many affordable local experiences with you as possible so follow us on facebook to catch our Cape Town Deal of the Week. #CTonthecheap.

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