Google Reviews | How we view and react to them at Rentacheapie

Google Reviews has taken the world by storm and here at Rentacheapie things are no different. In a modern democratic world, transparency is seen as a business virtue.

Without doing a shred of work, our reviews are unsolicited, unedited, and straight from you: our customer.

Of course, not everyone reviews us after their experience with Rentacheapie, but much like any other human right, you now have the chance to make your view heard and as small as the probability may seem, you could potentially alter others’ decisions when it comes to renting a car.

At the time of writing, we had around 260 Google reviews, and averaged just under the “tipping-point” of a four-star average. For an industry that is known to have irate customers that refuse to believe they did any damage to the car (surely a frustration we can all understand) I think it’s fair to say that we are doing quite well. I won’t point out the competitions’ performance but leave that research up to you to do.

While 260 reviews is a fair amount, we have about 10,000 customer interactions a year and so it is a drop in the ocean compared to what really could be written about us. We encourage all our customers (not only if your experience was negative) to leave us a review - because if it is glowing praise, others will benefit from the knowledge, and if it’s a criticism or complaint - we will.

Like most modern, agile businesses this side of the 20th century we constantly want to iterate and improve month on month, and year on year. So please, take the time to review us and help us, and others, improve their rental car experience.

As one famous marketer once remarked “there is no such thing as bad publicity” and we truly believe that each customer can take us that 1/10th of a percent forward with their valuable feedback. Of course, there will be times that we disagree (that scratch on the car; that speeding fine in the Karoo) and we will do our best to present the truth, so we ask that you do, too.

Not only do we want to continue offering great cars at great prices but we also want to continue offering a great customer experience.

Google Reviews | How we view and react to them at Rentacheapie

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