automatic car hire

Automatic Car Hire | Ideal for foreigners who can’t drive manual

Automatic Car Hire is ideal for foreigners who come to South Africa and can’t drive a manual car. We have cleverly catered for you all with these awesome vehicles. Take a look at our fleet, navigate to the ‘Automatic’ section, and browse away. We have a range of automatic cars for hire with prices varying from R189 to R319/day* so you can rest assured there will be something that fits your budget.

However, if you are on the adventurous side, why not use the opportunity to learn something this holiday and learn to drive a manual car! There are many reasons why people believe manual to be better, and some strong arguments for why automatic is just as good, if not better. Though they both have benefits, if you do ever get stuck in a tricky situation, it is well worth knowing that you can ‘drive stick’. Admittedly, it is probably best to learn at home, in the comfort of your own suburb and country’s laws, and then come to South Africa confident of your abilities. We are not a driving school, though we can recommend some close by.

The limitation with an automatic car hire is that you must choose between those options alone and while we have various options for you, there are even more if you can drive a manual car. Of course, if you cannot drive a manual and you feel you are too old to learn (or just plain refuse to learn) then what we would strongly suggest is that you book a car far in advance, especially if you are visiting our sunny shores in summer.

We have a huge amount of enquiries from September onwards and it truly is the ‘early bird that gets the worm’. So decide today and let us know if we can hook you up with your chosen automatic car hire of choice, else you shall be needing to learn to drive stick in crazy, wild Africa!


  • This is at the time of writing and will be updated from time to time. Double check prices on the website before confirming a booking