rent a car without a credit card

Rent a car without a credit card | Rentacheapie’s options

Rent a car without a credit card? Indeed. At Rentacheapie not only do we bring you affordable car hire, we strive to bring you affordable car hire and convenience. Everyone can agree that affordable is not really affordable when it means extra admin and that is why we delight in reducing complications for you. We offer you a number of payment options for your vehicle rental.

When renting from Rentacheapie you have three alternative options to credit card payments. These include: debit card payments, electronic financial transfers (EFT’s) or direct cash payments. All of these non-credit card choices carry a R300 once off deposit fee to cover the additional banking charges and the administration involved with us doing a refund for you.

Our team will require banking details for all non-credit card clients in order to facilitate a deposit refund. These details are supplied by you in print on your contract with other key personal and banking information to ensure that the payment is made to you as soon as possible after you have returned the vehicle. A proof of deposit refund or the remaining deposit (in the case that expenses were incurred) will be emailed to you. You should receive this proof of payment no more than 48 hours after returning the car.

As we are sure that you have realised, we don’t like our customers to be caught out with any unforeseen expenses. A friendly head’s up that all direct cash payments through ATM’s or financial institutions into our bank account for ‘extensions only’ will be charged an additional fee of R50 for bank charges. For any foreigner on our shores, there is a great summary of information about ATM usage in South Africa here.

We’re all about making your car rental experience affordable, convenient and simple. It makes sense to us that payment options include more choice for you in order to help meet your needs. Feel free to reach out to our team if you need any assistance in your payment process.