short term car rental

Short term car rental | Our options for short rentals

Short term car rental in Cape Town is available under our Cheap Car Rental Rates. As is apparent on this page, you can rent a car through us for as short a period as 3 days. This will simply depend on the model that you are interested in hiring.

The minimum rental period on our VW Chico Golf’s and our Hyundai Atos’ is 7 days. All the other vehicles that you can hire from us carry a minimum rental period of 3 days. These two packages options fit well for either a weekend or full week booking.

Our short term car rental periods are conveniently packaged for you to select from: 3 days or more, 7 days or more, 15 days or more and 30 days or more. Thereafter for long term rental there are rates available for clients needing vehicles for 60 days or more.

With over 20 vehicles in our stable to choose from, you will not be short of choice at Rentacheapie. From Toyota Land Cruisers and Automatic Mercedes Benz vehicles to Hyundai Atos’ and Polo Vivos there are plenty of models for your selection. Each one of these vehicles have tiered pricing for short term car rental.

To book your short term car rental with us, simply click on the ‘enquire more’ button that suits your needs, on our Cheap Car Rental Rates page. This form will request some of your personal information, the vehicle model you would like to select as well as the pick up and drop off times and dates. We’ll also ask for your vehicle collection options and if you have any additional extras you’d like included.

We understand that you need things to run as smoothly as possible on a short trip to a new city and that’s why at Rentacheapie we’ll do what we can to look after all of your transport needs.