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See South Africa | Some hints and tips from a local

See South Africa any time of the year; there is always something spectacular to explore. Rentacheapie is privileged to be located in one of the most magnificent countries in the world. Not only does our homeland offer unparalleled combinations of natural and cultural diversity, it is a land brimming with possibility and adventure. From the safari bushlands of the Kruger National Park and the slopes of the Drakensberg mountains to the world renowned Table Mountain and glorious beaches, there is something for everyone.

Things to do and see

As you can imagine, this list is extensive. However, any visit to South Africa requires a mandatory trip to the Mother City (aka Cape Town). Locals would suggest giving as much time as possible to enjoying all that it has to offer. There is an endless list of experiences to be had in Cape Town and you could spend your entire vacation in this city alone. However, we recommend extending your stay and adventuring further; trust me you won’t regret it.

The Garden Route is a region of the country that will be worthwhile taking the time to explore. From the Knysna lagoon and surrounding forest beauty to the Cango Caves, there is diversity for all to enjoy on this coastline.

The splendour along the East Coast of South Africa is another stretch of the country that you won’t want to miss. You can adventure along the Wild Coast for days and any local in the area will highly recommend one of the coastline hiking trails. Durban is a city with cultural flavour that you will want to taste – picture traditional Zulu meets Indian and a whole lot in between.

Nothing beats the Kruger National Park for a world class safari experience. Here you have a real chance of seeing the Big Five in their natural habitat and experiencing authentic wildlife at its best.

Getting around

We admit, local transport in cities can be daunting for newcomers and while taxi services and Uber are available in all of the major metropolitans it can be a pricey option if you are looking to do many day trips. We recommend car rental for when you are in a town or city for more than a couple of days. Naturally, we believe that Rentacheapie is your best bet for getting around the Western Cape.

For travel within provinces, locals will be quick to recommend road tripping as this not only gives you the opportunity to see more of the natural beauty and landscapes of the country, it also allows you to meander at your own pace and enjoy the many local gems along the way.

When you are making your way across multiple provinces it is advisable that you use a low cost airline to save you time, and very often money. South Africa has three low cost airlines to choose from: Fly Safair, Mango and


It is recommendable to opt for a locally-owned BnB or Guesthouse over a commercial hotel chain. BnB’s and Guesthouses are often more affordable and the added bonus is that their friendly owners are usually excited to share local secrets and cost saving tips with you. South Africans are generally incredibly friendly and helpful, we suggest that you make the most of their hospitality!

We at Rentacheapie embrace the cultural diversity of the Rainbow nation, come and join us!