Our European guests at Rentacheapie car hire love the beautiful outdoor life in Cape Town.

I have just been down to Muizenberg beach. A light North West offshore wind blowing towards 4 to 6 feet swells marching into False Bay forming perfect waves. A cloudless, sunny spring day. Just perfection. At least 40 surfers in the water. This is one of those outdoor wonders. Did you know that Muizenberg was and still is the cradle of surfing in South Africa?

In 1919 Heather Price befriended two US marines who owned wooden surfboards. The details of how it all happened are unclear. However, we know the surf bug bit and after a few days Heather was ‘ripping’ the Corner in Muizenberg. Full on stand up surfing! How appropriate for a women to give birth to surfing in South Africa. Go girl!

Today hundreds, possibly thousands of people learn to surf each year. The easiest of waves to learn to surf on.

So, if you want to make the most of sunny South Africa, go down to Muizenberg and grab a board and wetsuit at the Lifestyle Surf Shop.

You can grab a board for about 240 Euro’s and a wetsuit from 120 Euro’s or rent a board and wetsuit for +-12 Euro’s each per day. I thought it was cheaper. By the way, Rentacheapie car hire offers surfboards and wetsuits for 5 Euro’s per day each. Rent my ride for 10 Euro’s per day! You could be sliding along the waves after a few hours of practice, burning calories, catch an amazing tan and have huge amounts of fun. There is a saying from the legends of surfing, “Only a surfer knows the feeling.”

Back to my story. I went down there to buy a board at the Lifestyle Surf Shop and watch some surfing at Kalk Bay, just to the right hand side of Muizenberg. Kalk Bay is a classy left hand tube wave. It has been called the little sister of the world famous Pipeline tube wave in Hawaii. On a good day, some of the best surfers in Cape Town will be ‘slotted in the tube’ and ride under the lip of the wave. An incredible sight from the beach. Bell’s Restaurant is a great place for a close-up on the action. You are literally 30 meters away from the wave. I can sit there for hours when the surf is cooking and the guys are shredding. Pure soul art merging with extreme sport on a wave. Absolutely beautiful.

For some reason the swell was not coming through at Kalk Bay. So I retreated to Kalk Bay Cafe and had a full breakfast, sausage, eggs, bacon, tomatoes and toast for only R28. Perfect chow for after a surf.

Until next time,

Yours in car hire,

Grant Baker

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