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Affordable Car Hire in Cape Town | Get around the city for less

Affordable car hire in Cape Town is a great way to save money if you are coming to South Africa on holiday. Who wants to spend exorbitant amounts of money on a car when you only use it a few hours a day, at most? That’s why we have decided to offer cheap car rental at affordable prices for the average citizen travelling to Cape Town.

A lot of industries see tourists as giant “dollar signs” – people ready to be exploited but for us, foreigners are literally our best clients! We have found Europeans especially to take good care of our cars, be polite and friendly, and generally very happy just to be in our country. Considering they have already spent a lot of money just getting to South Africa, it only seems fair to treat them like locals, and offer them affordable cars. And with the sinking Rand, the currency exchange rate must make it really affordable. Well, hopefully they will use that extra money saved to splurge a bit on dinners out, tours of the Western Cape, and anything else they fancy.

We really pride ourselves on being the most affordable car hire option in Cape Town, out of all the major rental car dealers that is. Keeping prices low is something we strongly believe in, and added to that we hope that our customer service, car cleanliness, and car quality adds to our service offering. Get in touch with us today if you are mostly moved by price. We know how much it can affect your holiday, and although we would love you to have the best car you can afford, we know that sometimes holiday experiences are worth spending more on.