Local wisdom | How to Safely Navigate the City of Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Every year thousands of visitors safely enjoy its top attractions. Unfortunately, Cape Town has a reputation for being a dangerous place. Like many top cities, it struggles with a crime problem. This causes anxiety for those who want to visit its treasures. It is possible, however, to navigate the city safely with the help of a little local wisdom and a few simple tricks:

The first piece of advice is to travel with a partner or in a group. Whether you are hiking in Newlands Forest, walking along Blouberg beach or taking the train to Simons Town, a companion will vastly increase your safety and will prevent you from being a target for criminals. A companion will also make the experience more fun!

Keeping your valuables hidden will also increase your safety. Many criminals are opportunists looking to make some easy money. Flashing valuables like cameras, cell phones and wallets around makes you a target for pickpockets. Keeping these items close at hand will allow you to watch over them more vigilantly. Even better, consider leaving non-essential items behind and enjoy not having to worry about anything except taking in the sights of the city.

Another way to increase your safety and reduce the stress of navigating the city is to save the numbers of the South African Emergency Services on your phone. Here are some helpful emergency numbers:

  • 112 - Emergency (Cell Phone)
  • 10177 - Emergency (Telephone)
  • 10111 - South African Police Service (SAPS)

It is also wise to save the number of your local police station. You can find your closest station and contact details on the SAPS website.

By following this local wisdom you can enjoy a much safer experience of Cape Town. In no time you will be safely home, regaling friends and family with your adventures at the foot of the African continent.

Local wisdom | How to Safely Navigate the City of Cape Town

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