Honda Hybrid | Yes, Rentacheapie is going green!

The Honda Hybrid. We have finally done it - we have gone green. Our latest model to hit our shores (in terms of cars, not the model types you see in Camps Bay at night) is the Honda Jazz Hybrid, and we have the 2013 model for you to rent out. To get an industry expert opinion it's probably better to read up on the car here, but trust me, we did our research.

Being environmentally conscious is quite a thing nowadays, and many will go lengths to "do the right thing" for mother earth rather than go to bed that night feeling guilty. And we can now proudly say that we are on your side. Cape Town's ongoing water crisis has made more people than ever before very aware of our predicament, and once the water scares are gone, it will simply be another. Eskom's woes with electricity, plastic in the oceans, litter in general, water scarcity, climate change... surely as the population grows worldwide these will only all escalate? It doesn't make for great reading, does it...

Thankfully, you can now do your part and "go green" for yourself. We love giving our customers a choice (and we love having choice ourselves) and now you can be part of the solution this summer in Cape Town. Perhaps instead of going solo you can road trip around the city with friends instead, saving fuel bills, and the ozone layer in one go. Here is an article for some ideas of what to do.

If you would like to some ideas of fuel efficient driving, then take a look over here - every little bit does count, so don't feel like your contribution (or lack thereof) is insignificant.

Honda Hybrid | Yes, Rentacheapie is going green!

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