My first six months as Co-owner of Rentacheapie

Wow – That was fast! A quick 180 days done and dusted.

Nick Sophos, Co-owner of Rentacheapie

Nick Sophos, Co-owner of Rentacheapie

So what can I say after my first 6 months as a new partner at Rentacheapie?

That was a lot of fun. Hard work, but fun!

Different from the corporate life that I grew up in, but I wouldn’t change back for all the money in the world. Adapting from big corporate to small business took me a bit of time. I realised after the first week or so in my new ‘job’ that I carried with me an anxiety that had become very much part of who I was in my previous work. The pressure that is constantly around to ‘perform’ or you are out, has a way of eating away at your being.

I only realised that I carried this companion with me when I began to feel it lift. The new venture doesn’t come without its pressure and stresses, but it’s a different stress, to simply describe it I would say it’s more…….. ‘reasonable’.

So what have been the highlights for me in the first 6 months? Firstly – I’ve really enjoyed meeting the different people from all over the world that love Rentacheapie.

Rentacheapie has established a brand over the last 10 years that has been well supported by many regular and faithful customers. I’ve seen many hugs and laughs as they come back time and again to hire from us, we must be doing something right. It’s wonderful to see – Well done Grant!

I’ve also loved getting to know my new team and seeing our team being pushed to the limits over this past peak season and how well they all rose to the occasion, from our team of mechanics, to the wash-bay crew, the admin staff as well as our never tiring front-line team. What a great bunch of guys and gals, always willing to make a plan and go the extra mile.

It’s been great to see the fleet and business grow despite the challenges we face – with cars being stolen, wrecked, broken into, abandoned, (We even had one come back with a Cape Cobra tucked away safely in the under carriage – I think we have to tell you that story some time.) the occasional unhappy customer, fake payments, non-payers and fraudsters to name a few……never a dull moment!

We’ve made some good ground in changing some things that weren’t working, improved some of our processes to make us more efficient, with the goal of always trying to keep our customers as happy as we can.

I’ve enjoyed being part this great team and I look forward to the next six months as we keep pushing on and continue to do our best to offer great deals, great service and great cars!