Harley Davidson motorcycles with their unique sound and retro look are a breed of their own

Set apart, designed for a people who are not afraid of the road less traveled. Riding a Harley is a lifestyle.

Road King Harley Davidson

Road King Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is synonymous with adventure, freedom and rebellion to the mundane.

Imagine discovering Cape Town on a metal beast, winding your way through Chapman’s Peak on a perfect summers day with the blue Atlantic stretching into the horizon. Or cruising Route 62 with the wind in your face and the sound of the beast vibrating through your being, fully alive.
This is the reason we started, to provide an opportunity to share the experience and create memories that last a lifetime.
Our passion is to see our clients fulfill their dreams as they ride the iconic Harley brand in and through Africa.
We want your experience to be under-girded by excellence and a well tuned Harley machine.

For this reason,we have formed a working partnership with DownTown Harley where Alex is keeping our bikes in tip top condition and all our hogs are serviced every 8000 kms with approved safety checks and  genuine HD replacement parts utilized. We also do our own 40 point safety check on each rental, honoring our name and clients. If for some reason you are in need on the road, we have partnered with AA Roadside Assistance who are the best in their game at getting you back on the road.

Manage risk on a well groomed machine and ride the open road fearlessly.

Grant and Nick,
Managing members

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